Then I met Darren

I was so lucky to find love once. Adam was the kindest, gentlest, loveliest man. A selfless husband and a wonderful father. To find love twice! I must have done something right. šŸ™‚

Darren kind of snuck in under my radar I suppose. He was our gardener and had known Adam before his illness. He is a good listener and is so easy to talk. He would ask me how I was and we would talk while he drank his brew on his gardening visits. He became a good friend who understood the difficult time I was having caring for Adam and trying to juggle my life, keeping a steady home life for the kids. It just felt right going for a drink after Adam had died and as they say the rest is history.

It is amazing to now have another chance at happiness and to live with someone who understands that there was someone else. Adam is still so present, his picture on the wall, his music on the iPod, his recipes I cook. Darren understands when I get tearful and listens when I rant. He can read me like a book and can sense when I get sad. One lucky lady.

So why on earth am I going to set off on this crazy adventure? To sail around the world on a 70 foot yacht.

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