So next thing is training level one

31st August 2018 I am going to get on the train in Macclesfield and that’s really the start for me. Southampton then Portsmouth then Gosport. I need to arrive by 5pm to start 7 days level one training. Must remember not to take too much stuff. Space is an absolute premium and it’s a schoolgirl error to overpack. Basics only.

We then have six nights on board. Sleeping in bunks so narrow you can just get your shoulders in. So much to learn but the program looks well thought out with an emphasis on safety and team work. Knots to learn, sails to name, ropes to pull and the dreaded coffee grinder. No! this does not make the fine roasted beans for my morning Macchiato but it’s the name of the vicious winch that I need to be able to ‘grind’ to get the sails up. Fail this step and this is going to be the shortest blog in history.

Wish me luck. 😬

Between now and then I need to get my upper body moving nicely, core muscles, working to it’s 50 year old best. Excited! Bring it on! I am a keen bean and want to get some sailing time under my belt so I can see where my shortcomings are and get to grips with what I need to improve.

Excited to meet some of the other recruits. Put some faces in place and hopefully nail level one.

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