Ok ! so the kit list is a mile long with little gems like a maritime sleeping bag, wicking fabric base layers, waterproof breathable mid layers, boots, hats, shorts, trousers, extreme weather gear. Sunglasses, suncream, buff, sailing knife, gloves, clothes for hot weather, clothes for cold weather etc etc etc. All of this needs to be packed into a space about the size of a large carrier bag! There must be some special shrinking powers that sailors have that I am unaware of. 😀

All of this is crazy expensive so I am scouring the internet for some second hand gear. Actually doing well on that front, I found pair of unworn sebago deck shoes in my size that should be over £100 for £8.99 so really chuffed with that one. Just need to know how to shrink them to fit in the tardis hold-all and I will be good to go.

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