Its starting to sink in

Its now actually starting to sink in. This challenge I have  set my self makes everything else I have done seem easy. Having  kids and raising them, helping them grow into the strong independent women they now are. That  was a piece of cake compared to this!  The more I read and talk to people about what lies in store, the more I realise just how extreme this race actually is. I can’t  stop watching the fabulous little recap films that are on the internet. Follow the link below if you are interested to see a snapshot of what lies ahead. The films capture the elements quite brutally, showing the highs and lows, and the potential for disaster and danger, all to a slightly annoying upbeat sound track.

clipper race one 2018/19 recap

I have started to get my gear together on the spare bed, making piles of stuff to go through the magic shrinker, to pack into my waterproof bag.  I am setting off to complete level one training on the 31st and I am really excited to meet some of the other crew who I will get to know over the coming months. It is actually quite an intimidating thing, at the age of 50, when I now feel settled in my life and circle of friends to put myself back out in the arena. I am going to have to prove I have the strength and ability to learn new skills that are so out of my current everyday life. The ability to learn and complete really strenuous tasks, whilst cold, wet and seasick and also remain a fun, productive, helpful member of the team!

Today  it’s raining outside, that glorious spell of weather we have been enjoying seems to have finally moved on.  Darren is out in the paddock doing a few jobs in the garden I am spending some time practicing my knots and re reading the training guide. Testing myself on all those crazy nautical terms that make no sense.

A rope is a line unless it is attached to a sail then it’s a sheet.

The loo is the head.

The kitchen is the galley.

Port = left

Starboard = right

Width is beam and so on.

Reefing, tacking, gybing, mainsail, yankee, boom, hull, aft, stern, and sadly the  genoa is not a sponge cake 😦

All these things I know from a life hanging about on boats with my Dad but I still keep rereading just incase something catches my eye and sticks in my brain. I want to be as prepared as I can be for my level one.

My fab friend Jon Hall from The Academy in Macclesfield is helping me improve my fitness and I am looking forward to restarting  sessions down at the Academy over the coming months. Getting strong in my upper body, improving my balance, endurance and stamina. I need to be the strongest and fittest I have ever been. No pressure Jon 🙂 Please help this slim but soft middle aged woman  transform herself into a lean mean sailing machine.

Cant wait to have some actual action shot photos to share on here rather than talking about it, really want to get on the actual water.

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