Where to start with a playlist that will take me 40000 miles? It is going to have to be the finest playlist in the history of all playlists. There will be so many different  moods, moments and emotions that will need a backing track. Peaceful chilled music to help me wind down after a busy watch, to help me sleep, to drown out the snoring, the crashing of waves, the general hubbub of 20 people living in close confinement.

Tunes to escape, to remind me of home, remind me of loved ones.

Upbeat songs to lift a low mood, to beat the loneliness and give me that warm snuggly feeling that only a hug from the one you love can deliver.

Christmas songs to make me smile while racing through the Indian Ocean / Southern Ocean.

you get the picture 🙂

Adam would have most definitely been the man for this job. That was his thing ! and sadly for me I now realise I let him be ‘The Playlist King’. I have some incredible playlists that he  left me but none that quite fulfil the sailing around the world brief.  I have let my iTunes collection get out of date with no order to the madness, I don’t even really know the names of the new songs I like best and I certainly haven’t bought a CD for years or even downloaded an actual album. I have got ages to get things in place but since Spotify, Amazon Music and the like have taken over the  world of music so little recent music actually belongs to me, I rely on magic (Alexa) to play me a selection of Chill Out or  Mellow Friday Songs or Upbeat Dance Classics. I am going to have to go right back to basics, drag and drop songs to a list, make sure it plays without WIFI to stream. I need to find my inner DJ and get cracking.

And don’t even get me started on books! I know that I am not going to have loads of time or even be awake to read when not on watch but I am going to need to do the same for my kindle. Pre choosing 40000 miles of books to see me through. Arggghhhhh !!!!


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