Getting Fit part one

Ok! so I am no couch potato, but this challenge  is going to take my fitness to the next level. I can’t rely on sheer determination because I will end up injured so I need to build up some actual upper body strength, strengthen my core and improve my overall stamina . Those of you who know me might not associate me with upper body strength, more a long piece of string with twiglet legs and arms like straws 🙂 So this is this is the plan. I have rejoined The Academy, an amazing place run by my good friend Jon Hall. He is probably one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, a true friend and the perfect person to have in my corner. With his guidance and advice I am sure I can build some muscles on my twiglets and straws. At The Academy  Jon and his business partner Matt  Nicholson help normal folk like you and me change their eating and exercise habits to enable them to live  slimmer, fitter, stronger and  healthier lives. If you live in or around the Macclesfield area in Cheshire it’s ‘THE” place to train. So from me a huge thank you to the guys in anticipation of the lean mean sailing machine that I WILL become in time for the race start next August. So far I have progressed from slim and soft to skinny and a bit less soft, so a way to go yet.

The other thing I have started doing is The Park Run, when I say started doing, I have only done it once. I hated every single second, running 5km in a PB of 45 minutes, I actually think I could have walked it faster. Two cups of tea, a strong coffee and no breakfast was not the pre race nutrition to fuel me for the undulating terrain of the Lyme Park run. Swishing, sloshing, gurgling belly, huffing, puffing, moaning and groaning I staggered around the park overtaken by lycra clad elderly ladies in their late 70s shouting encouragement. Not my finest hour….. yes it was nearly an hour ! Anyway on that front I can only get better at running, thankfully there is not much room on the 70’ yacht for running.

The Park Run,  even though  we haven’t exactly hit it off so far is an amazing thing please follow the link for more details of this entirely volunteer run non profit organisation that is helping the whole world get off that couch.

The Park Run link click here

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