Getting People Interested

Wow, I think this bit is as difficult as actually sailing around the world. I have never really been one for putting myself out there. Always happy to stand and listen to what others have to say. Happy to hold back and watch. Yes! often with a large glass of white in my hand to bolster my courage to speak out. I have never really felt confident in my knowledge of politics or religion, current affairs or the business world to contribute to  dinner table conversations, always the last at school to put my hand up in class to read out. I remember the shame in 2nd year  at senior school. English Lit ….. My part was ‘second old woman’, I literally had one line to read out, sadly I don’t recall what the line was but I was terrified. Weeks went by and as a class we  read closer and closer to my allotted part,  I felt sick to the pit of my stomach as the passage got more imminent, the spine of my copy of the dreaded ‘set’ book, snapped open at ‘my’ page. I have no idea to this day what the book/ play was,  I do remember the feeling of dread and  terror as all I did was wait until I was required to mumble my 12 words. Red faced and so so so self conscious it actually hurt. The nightmare of being 12 years old and 5’10”, a lanky, skinny tom boy.

Like I say happy to sit back and listen.

So putting myself out  there, networking! really puts me on the back foot.  Last night I was  privileged to attend a East Cheshire Hospice evening event at Henbury Hall. A spectacular venue that had been very kindly hosted by Mrs Sebastian de Ferrranti to enable the amazing folk from ECH to encourage  the invited guests to support. Little did I know that my good friend Simon Hayward would mention my little adventure in his speech to the guests. Oh my goodness. What a response! Everyone was  interested in what I am doing.

Why I am doing it?? Why would a middle aged woman put herself through so much discomfort and into a potentially death defying dangerous  situation? Sounds exciting? I can feel a ‘getting you lot to sign up with me’ blog coming next.

Can I sail?? That was my favourite question because at the moment, No not really is the answer. Their faces were a picture.

You are obviously a keen sailor?? No not yet, but I am learning, learning fast and giving it everything that I can.  Soaking up all the information and experience that I can from the amazing team that are tasked to train us amateurs and turn us into lean mean extreme sailing machines. It reminded me of school as to be honest, I was a little bit terrified of going to this event, a bit like being ‘second old woman’. But WOW the outcome…. so different. No red cheeks, I came home buzzing with names and contacts and people who ARE actually interested in what I am doing. Why I am trying to raise £40000 for the hospice and willing to help me with my challenge and my £1 per mile target. It sounds simple when you break it down…. Only £1

Thank you to everyone yesterday. It really made me think that YES I CAN DO IT!

I can network

I can talk to people and share my story

I can sail around the world

I can be second old woman…… If only I could remember what the blinking play was

Please share and support me and the Hospice


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