Crew Brief

This Saturday 19th January is the first day that I am going to meet some of my potential crew mates. It is the first time that Clipper are getting us together enmass. Eager amateur sailors who have all signed up for the adventure of a lifetime will meet at Lords Cricket Ground to potentially hear answers to questions that have been buzzing around the Facebook group for months.

Which ports we will be visiting?

Where we will be starting and finishing?

Who the team sponsors are?

Are we doing the Sydney Hobart Race?

It will be a chance to catch up with friends we have made on already completed training courses and an opportunity meet and to put faces to the names that crop up in the 2019-20 crew Facebook group. I can’t wait, it is another step towards my adventure. It is also the time we have our official crew photo taken. That iconic picture half a face in normal civvies and half with our wet weather hoods up.


This year the jacket will be bright yellow not red. Musto are the new team sponsors and our foulies are from the MPX Pro Series. I am going to be spending the best part of 11 months dressed in these bad boys.



Darren and I are heading down on the train on Saturday morning to London. An adventure in its self…. we don’t get out much 😀 and then I can use my new found navigation skills to plot a course, estimate our position and work out some bearings. Other than that we will go on the tube 9 minutes on the Circle line to Baker Street and walk.

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