Deep clean , rig check and debrief

Ready for the top of the mast, sitting into the harness to check it was comfy.

So those of you that have done some training already will know the dreaded DEEP CLEAN can take an eternity. In short we need to get every single thing on board either removed to the pontoon and washed there, up on deck to be washed or in the galley every single item washed in good hot water and dried and put away regardless of if we have used it or not. On level 1 it seems like it takes all day by level 2 you should be moving better as a team and knowing how this thing works.

Some hints from me

Be organised, allocate roles.

Don’t hang about, get cracking and keep moving.

Be methodical especially with the foulies and floorboards

Have a team leader to keep every one on track. Thanks to Adam who was our Clean Leader.

Don’t forget whoever is in the galley everyone still needs a brew and a banana to keep energy levels up. Conall put me in the galley to do the clean, I chose Laurence to help me as we had been a good partnership through the week on our stints as mothers.

During the deep clean we each take off some time to meet with our Skipper for a chat and debrief and he /she lets us know how we did. Areas that need improvement, strengths and there is plenty of chance to talk through areas that might be a worry etc. There is time to discuss any problems or fears and the Skipper will give you feedback on how you worked with the team etc. Most Skippers complete the assessment part during the week, often with out you really realising you are being tested. Some bits like the knots and points of sail, climbing in and out of the bunks, crawling under the traveller in full gear are just completed as part of just being on board. Don’t panic about your assessment the training is excellent the Skippers and Mates are there to help you succeed. If you put in the effort and read the manual, learn your knots, listen and do as you are taught it won’t be a problem. It’s the very occasional person who comes to training thinking they already know it all and think they have nothing to learn who struggle to do things the Clipper way.


Pinkies to the winch
Three turns on the winch
Bowlines are your friend
Always wear your lifejacket on deck
There is no ‘I’ in team
Look after your kit and it will look after you
Turn off the gas when you have finished with it
Seasickness will pass, you are not dying even though it feels like you are 🙂

My Level 2 Crew

The very last thing to do was the rigging check. We hauled Mark our Mate up to do the actual check then there was a chance for me to go up. I couldn’t wait, 90 foot above the deck the view across to Portsmouth was amazing and looking down at my crew mates all tiny on the deck faces upturned. A perfect end to a perfect week. Once everything is shipshape and signed off by the shore crew we were then free to go. Back to our normal lives and even more excited for the next time we meet and get back out on the water. Next time on the Clipper 70s our actual race boats.

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