Crew Allocation

So here I am again on the train to Portsmouth but this time there is no training. I am with Lizzy Grim my sailing buddy, It’s Not Flat Eric my travelling sidekick and Darren, my fiancé!!!! there is a whole side story to follow about how THAT came to pass. We are all heading down to The Guildhall, Portsmouth for the biggest event so far. CREW ALLOCATION, this is the event where all of us who have signed up for this crazy adventure will find out who we will spend the next 12 months with. Who we will be living in cramped, uncomfortable conditions with. Who we will be working an unrelenting shift pattern with. There will be no privacy, no home comforts, nowhere to retreat to but undoubtedly we will be having the time of our lives.

There are 11 professional Skippers and 11 professional Mates to lead us ‘the rabble’ that the powers that be have divided up into 11 teams. It’s exciting and quite nerve wracking this waiting. Our departure and arrival port, the departure date and route will be revealed. The team sponsors and stopover ports will be revealed. So its going to be full on. It is also the first opportunity I have had to show Darren the actual boat that I will be calling home.

Skip forward 24 hours and it’s over all those months of waiting to find out who my team will be and I am delighted to say my crew is Team David. David Immelman otherwise know as Wavy will be our skipper and Fabian Fisahn our mate. Both have a huge amount of experience and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the gang. Crew Allocation was an incredible event with all 11 skippers up on stage reading out the team names to a packed Portsmouth Guildhall. Over 700 eager faces listening out for their names to be read out. Below is a picture of our team during our briefing. We wait to hear who are team partner will be.

A motley crew, Team David

We also found out our race details, which is all very exciting. Any one who would like to follow my race please follow the link to the official crew supporters page.

Race details

Race Start, London
Depart St. Katharine Docks, parade of sail 1 September
Race will start early on 2 September off Southend

Leg 1, the Atlantic Trade Winds Leg
Ports: London, a stopover – location TBC and Punta del Este
Two races
Race 1 Start London, UK 1 September 2019
Race 2 Start TBC
Total distance approximately 6,300nm
Total duration approximately 30-36 days at sea
Arrival Window into Punta del Este, Uruguay 14-16 October 2019

Leg 2, the South Atlantic Challenge Leg
Ports: Punta del Este and Cape Town
One race
Race 3 Start Punta del Este, Uruguay 23 October 2019
Distance 3,600nm
Duration 15-19 days at sea
Arrival Window into Cape Town, South Africa 7-11 November 2019

Leg 3, the Southern Ocean Leg
Ports: Cape Town and Fremantle
One race
Race 4 Start Cape Town, South Africa 17 November 2019
Distance 4,750nm
Duration 22-27 days at sea
Arrival Window into Fremantle, Australia 9-14 December 2019

Leg 4, the Australian Coast-to-Coast Leg
Ports: Fremantle and the Whitsundays
One race
Race 5 Start Fremantle, Australia 22 December 2019
Distance 3,400nm
Duration 18-21 days at sea
Arrival Window into the Whitsundays, Australia 9-12 January 2020

Leg 5, the Asia-Pacific Challenge Leg
Ports: The Whitsundays, Sanya, SE Asia and Zhuhai
Three races
Race 6 Start Whitsundays, Australia 18 January 2020
Arrival window Sanya, China 10-15 February 2020
Race 7 Start Sanya, China 21 February 2020
Arrival window SE Asia 25-26 February 2020
Race 8 Start SE Asia 28 February 2020
Arrival Window into Zhuhai, China 2-3 March 2020
Total distance approximately 5,600nm
Total duration approximately 30-37 days at sea

Leg 6, The Mighty Pacific LegPorts: Zhuhai, Qingdao and Seattle
Two racesRace 9 Start Zhuhai, China 9 March 2020
Arrival window 17-19 March 2020
Race 10 Start Qingdao, China 26 March 2020
Arrival Window into Seattle, USA 19-24 April 2020
Total distance 6,950nm
Total duration 32-39 days at sea

Leg 7, the USA Coast-to-Coast Leg
Ports: Seattle, Panama and East Coast USA
Two racesRace 11 Start from Seattle, USA 2 May 2020
Arrival window Panama 27 May – 1 June 2020
Race 12 Start from Panama 5 June 2020
Arrival Window into East Coast USA, estimated mid-June 2020
Total distance approximately 6,200nm
Total duration approximately 36-44 days at sea

Leg 8, the Atlantic Homecoming Leg
East Coast USA, Northern Europe and Race Finish London exact destination TBC
Two or three races
Race Start from East Coast USA, estimated late June 2020
Race Finish early August 2020
Race Finish, the Clipper 2019-20 Race will finish in London exact destination and date
are currently being finalised and will be confirmed in the coming weeks.
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