Team GoToBermuda

It was a very exciting day when it was announced that my team is to be sponsored by Bermuda, Yes! The actual country of Bermuda. Our official team name is GoToBermuda. So CV21 Team David is renamed. The really exciting implication of this news is next year on our final leg we are actually going to visit Bermuda. The final leg of the race starts in New York City and then on the Hamilton in Bermuda, from Bermuda we sail back across the Atlantic for one last time before arriving back in the UK to Derry-Londonderry before the final sprint back to London. GoToBermuda has now had her beautiful aqua coloured wrap on and is super slick and shiny. You can follow our progress in the race by following the link here or from the tab on the home page.

All our team is incredibly proud to be representing the tiny country of Bermuda and thankfully we had already chosen our team song before we had the news so there is no need  for us to be listening to Barry Manilow at every port. Thank heavens for small mercies.

Showing our Transom in training, photo courtesy of an unknown crew mate, apologies I will credit when I find out who took this the shot
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