Race Start Day 1

Race Start Day ONE

Over the last few days I have been trying to make time to blog. The build up to race start has been one of the most intense and busy times so far during the last year. Getting married, packing up the belongings that I will need for the next 11 months at sea. Checking that all is in place with my life laundry, writing a new will, writing birthday and Christmas cards for loved ones left behind, acting as the Team Coordinator for my wonderful Team GoToBermuda. All these things have left me time poor but living my life to the absolute maximum. There is no point stressing myself out over missed blogs but I need to focus on today. Today THE actual day, actual RACE START. The day I waved my arm off, literally I waved for over 6 hours nonstop to my family and friends who had travelled down to London to see me off. What a day it was, the culmination of the preparations. There were tens of thousands of spectators in St Katharine Dock and the atmosphere was absolutely electrifying. After feeling so calm for so many weeks the emotion finally got to me with tears flowing freely many times during the day. Seeing both my beautiful daughters Alex and Megan made me the proudest Mama in the land, so beautiful and so strong. Such independent young women. My wonderful husband Darren and his two boys, Jake and Isaac, were there too. My brother Alan, my Mum, Stepdad and Half-sister Kerry, plus ALL my friends, you know who you are 😊

The boats all starting to  slip lines at 3pm and a 3 minute intervals moved out into the Thames to start looking  around ready to make our grand departure under tower bridge at 4.30pm. IT WAS INCREDIBLE, so emotional, such a spectacle and the tears flowed, happy tears but tears none the less. Now we are motoring out towards Southend where the race will actually start at 10am in the morning. I am exhausted, good exhausted but kinda spent. It’s been one hell of  a day.

For all who follow my blog I apologise now for future typing errors and the like. I am going to write it as it is if I am tired or sad, angry or ecstatic I am just going to tell you the story of my adventure. I can proof read when I get home next year after travelling over 40,000 miles around the world, in the RACE OF MY life

Love to you all Heather xxxx

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